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System Care

Your health is important to us

Do you feel pain with certain movements or daily activities?

Are you concerned because you have seen a good number of therapists and doctors and your pain is not going away?

Are you frustrated because you have lost strength and cannot perform everyday activities and hobbies like you once did?

Are you worried because you feel tight and stiff and can’t move the way you did before?

Provided Physiotherapies

We can help!

When your muscle system is not working at a high quality, you can experience unwanted symptoms and/or pain when you move or try to stay in positions. Certified Muscle System Specialists (CMSS)™ work to find where your muscle system quality is low and intervene to improve it. When your muscular system is working at an optimal state, you should be able to hold bodily (joint) positions, and your movement should be well controlled.  As Certified Muscle System Specialists (CMSS) ™, we want to improve your ability to hold bodily (joint) positions and improve your quality of movement so you can move and feel better.  

You don’t move well. You don’t feel as good as you think you should. You think you are getting unhealthier as the years are going by and are wanting to live a better quality of life. You can’t perform the activities you want to participate in and are giving up activities that you love and enjoy. Certified Muscle System Specialists™ use a holistic approach for improving your muscular system to help you reach all of your health and wellness goals! Keep reading below to see how Zionsville Medical Fitness uses a progressive problem-solving model for improving your health.

The Progressive Problem-solving Model:

Contact Us

Contact our facility by calling 317-410-5336 or click here.  We will talk to you and discuss your initial interests and questions. If your initial interests do not fit our problem-solving model, we will help you find another facility that might be right for you. If it makes sense to discuss your interests and questions in further detail, we can set up a face-to-face consultation to do so.  


We will meet with you for 60-minutes to discuss your fundamental objectives and discuss your questions in further detail.  Information gathered during the consultation step will help the CMSS™ determine if muscle system care makes sense for you.  During the consultation, you will also be informed about what will happen during a session, and how muscle system care might help you.  If the CMSS™ feels like improving your muscular system might help you, and if you feel comfortable moving forward, the next step is to schedule a 90-minute assessment.


The 90-minute assessment will start with reviewing your health history. Your health history is very important to us as it can help us determine where your muscular system needs attention. We will also review your fundamental objectives. With all of the information from your health history and the consultation meeting, we can customize the assessment to gather data that can help us determine a personal plan for you. The data collection begins as we check your vital signs and take composition measurements. Then we perform standing and supine posture exams, manual assessments of motor control, range of motion exams and any additional muscular strength and endurance excursions we think necessary to help us determine where to begin with improving your muscle system. 

Report of Findings and Initial Muscle System Care Session

We will discuss all of the information we collected during the assessment, and show you areas of your body that may benefit from muscle system care. We will then show you a progressive action plan that will help us meet your fundamental objectives. If this action plan make sense to you, we will start your first muscle system care session after the report of findings. 

One-on-One Session Work and Continual Assessment

Your Muscle System Specialist™ will now work with you to improve areas of your muscular system that are functioning at a low quality, progressively strengthening your weaknesses session by session, so you move and feel better. During your one-on-one sessions, the Muscle System Specialist™ will always check in with you to make sure we are meeting your fundamental objectives. Continual assessments and strengthening strategies will take place during your sessions to meet your fundamental objectives.

Move Better…Feel Better…Live Better!


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