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“I have enjoyed a professional relationship with Kurt for five years, and I truly believe that without his care and treatment skill, I would be unable to perform basic activities that allow me to live the life I want.  Most of our work has been on a foot/ankle that lost range of motion and became painfully stiff over the last few years of my nursing career.  I honestly dreaded getting up in the morning and putting weight on my foot.  Kurt’s treatments have enabled me to prevent surgery and to ditch a brace/orthotic that I was wearing.  I now comfortably keep active as I desire and trust Kurt’s knowledge and skill to keep me moving comfortably well into my senior years!”  Kris M.

Kris M.

After years of being in pain, medications that weren’t helping, ten surgeries, and countless attempts at different modalities, I thought I would never be able bodied again.  And then I found Kurt…what a Godsend.  He took the time to understand my issues, assessed me from head to toe and began to treat, or you could say “fix,” me. 

He was so upfront and honest about the expectations, and then proceeded to blow them away.  Over three years later I still see him religiously and will never stop, because with his continued help I feel the best I have in over 20 years!  I have referred many friends and family who say the same thing. 

What he does is so different than other professionals I have seen, and I am always amazed at the results.  You will move and feel better after the very first session. 

If you are in pain, considering a surgery, want to feel better or just simply want your body to be at its peak performance you will not be let down.  See Kurt today!

Dominic S.

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