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What is a Certified Muscle System Specialist?

An MSS™ is a practitioner who uses a unique thought process and science-based technical skill set to address your issues with poor movement, muscle tightness, and muscle and joint pain.  MSS™ practitioners take the time to carefully identify aspects of your muscle system where its quality has been decreased, identify opportunities for improvement in areas with low quality motor control, and provide you with the education your body requires to complete and maintain these improvements to your system.  The following are the MSS™’s objectives for positively impacting our clients: 

Identify the areas of low-quality movement, muscle tightness, and joint discomfort

Address and restore low quality movements and positions with precision exercises to allow for higher-quality muscle function

Decrease sensations of discomfort in muscles and joints by improving muscle contraction and control

Teach you self-directed exercises and techniques that you can do on your own to give you control over your health, keep your independence, and assure your success

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What is a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist?

“A Medical Exercise Specialist is a medical fitness professional who not only works with the typical client looking to improve their health and fitness level; but he or she also has the knowledge and skills to work with clients with a wide range of medical conditions.  These atypical clients are “medical exercise or post rehab” in that they are referred to a fitness professional after completion of a rehabilitation program and now need a fitness program tailored to their particular medical condition.  The MES is trained to develop safe and effective conditioning programs for clients with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological or metabolic disorders.”

Who can benefit from Muscle System Care?

Anyone with a muscular system who wants to move and feel better can benefit from muscle system care.  From an elderly person who wants to walk without a walker and improve balance, to a high school athlete who wants shoulder pain to go away, moving and feeling better is the goal.  If you have impaired movement and/or discomforts you want to go away, muscle system care is for you.  There are unlimited examples of people who don’t move and feel as well as they want to.  What discomforts do you have?  Where in your body do you not move well?  Muscle system care can help improve these unwanted sensations and movement impairments so you can live a better quality of life!

Does insurance cover Zionsville Medical Fitness services?

No – ZMF is not a medical provider and therefore services are not approved by insurance companies. On a case by case basis, some company Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) and wellness plans may cover our services. It is recommended that you check with your HSA/wellness plan to see if our services our covered before paying for such services. 

How is working with a Muscle System Specialist different than Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage and other wellness modalities?

All wellness/medical modalities have a unique trait that makes them different than everyone else. A Muscle System Specialist considers a holistic approach to improving the way someone moves and feels. While most health professionals focus their treatment directly on the body part that feels pain, an MSS looks to assess and improve your muscular system where it is low quality.  This might be directly where you feel pain but a lot of the times it is not.  Where are you having trouble with your muscular control is what an MSS is always looking to improve because this could be causing pain, tightness and/or discomfort in other areas of your body? An MSS improves areas of your muscular system that are not optimal and progressively strengthens your body so you can move and feel better.    

How long does it take to get results from Muscle System Care?

There are a lot of factors to consider when answering this question. A ninety-year old client and an eighteen-year old client who have the same goal of decreasing shoulder pain will most likely respond to muscle system care differently. Careful consideration should be taken when thinking about how fast you will get results. Factors like how old you are, how long have you had the injury or discomfort, how many injuries and surgeries have you had in your lifetime and many others. At Zionsville Medical Fitness we consider many factors that could affect how fast you get results and discuss those factors with you. We will perform an extensive evaluation with you and give you a report of findings that will discuss a progressive problem-solving model for meeting your goals. We will always check in with you during muscle system care sessions to see if you are on the right track for getting the results you want.

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